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Preliminary Schedule for the Summer School

The preliminary schedule for the three-day first Peach Summer School is provided below. The Schedule follows the Greek lifestyle of having a long lunch, and a late dinner. Please take the schedule below as a guideline.
Attendees should plan to arrive at Santorini island on Tuesday 3rd  July 2007, and depart on Friday 6th or Saturday, 7th July 2007


Wed. 04/07/07

Thu. 05/07/07

Fri. 06/07/07


Registration & Welcome




The Cyborg, the Self and the Other*

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The Concept and Assessment of Presence in Virtual Environments*
Follow relevant link

Augmented Reality Games-extending virtual games into real life*
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John A. Waterworth

Mel Slater

Wolfgang Broll


Rational principles for the delivery of presence

Uses of virtual reality for the study of the brain and its emergent functions

Neurobiology of Haptics

Paul F.M.J. Verschure

Maria Victoria Sanchez-Vives

Martyn Bracewell


Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break


Towards the ultimate media experience and why this is related to Presence*

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Touch, Tools and Telepresence: Embodiment in Mediated Environments*
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Mixed Reality Experiences in Urban Environments
Presence and Beyond

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Doron Friedman

Wijnand IJsselsteijn

Giulio Jacucci & Rod McCall


Physiological Measures and brain-computer interface control in VR

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Modes of presence in new mediated environments: their variety and articulation

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Companions and Social Presence*
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Christoph Guger

Anna Spagnolli

David Benyon


Lunch Break

Lunch Break

Lunch Break


IPCity Session

Methods in Presence and Social Presence Studies. Joining Ethnography and Social Network Analysis.
Supported by Pasion IP

Presence and disabled people. Enhancing presence in VR environments for the disabled through haptic interaction*
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Wolfgang Broll
Rod McCall
Giulio Jacucci
Markus Sareika

Luciano Gamberini
Anna Spagnolli
Fabiola Scarpetta
Francesco Martino
Concetta Alberti


Dimitrios Tzovaras
Evangelos Bekiaris


Presence and Artificial companions


EEG based brain-computer interface for cursor control and spelling

Christoph Gurger


David Benyon

Real-time physiology and media session

Diploma Ceremony

Doron Friedman


Poster Session

Poster Session




Banquet Dinner


*Important Summer School  notes:
The diploma ceremony is just to provide the students with a prove-attestation that they have attended the summer school, attendees who depart on the 6th afternoon are not required to attend this ceremony.

The Peach basket is available money for the Presence community to attend the Peach events. There will be a maximum amount of travel expenses covered with the Peach Basket funding of 500€ per attendee, and hotel expenses which should fully covered the nights of the 3rd, 4th and 5th (not mini-bar).
* Moreover, the attendees who in their application form apply for the
Peach Basket funding are obliged to stay during the full duration of the summer school (From the 4th 8:30 to the 6th 16:00), if not they will be welcome to join partially the Summer School, but they will not be eligible to be supported by the Peach basket, neither they will get the diploma.


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