Presence: towards human machine confluence - Presence technologies and Foundations



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The Peach summer schools ( summer 2007 & summer 2008) are meant to be 3 day summer workshops where attendees will share Presence knowledge and visions of future research areas on Presence. The 2007 summer school will focus on Presence Technologies and Foundations. It will take place on the Greek island of Santorini from Wednesday through Friday, July 04th -06th, 2007. The formal portion of the Summer School will take place at the Nomikos Conference Centre in the town of Fira. The 2008 summer school will be oriented towards Presence applications.

The 1st Peach Summer School 2007, entitled: “Presence: towards human machine confluence-Presence technologies and Foundations”, will be locally organized by Peach with the local support of the Informatics & Telematics Institute.

Participants will be given the opportunity to expand and strengthen their knowledge in Presence technologies and foundations. Real Presence measurement problems and foundations will be presented to the attendees through lectures and practical lessons. These problems will be further discussed in parallel sessions, which will encourage team-work and creativity. The different working groups will present their conclusions to the audience, and common sessions to discuss future research lines will be organized as well. 

The 1st Peach Summer School aims to bring together students and junior/senior researchers from many academic and industry disciplines  to stimulate cross-disciplinary research. Participants from Presence I & II projects are expected to provide the conceptual backbone for discussion between researchers scattered across groups worldwide.

Many key researchers have already expressed their willingness to participate. Therefore, the event is an excellent opportunity to bulild lasting links and strenghen the Presence research community, since it is expected that many members of the Presence Community will be present, as well as others not fully aware of the relation of their work with this scientific field.

The daily Summer School programme will be based on the structure below:

-Lectures, where Presence experts will share with the attendees the Presence Technologies they use, and their Presence measurements
-Working group activities, where students will share with lecturers and other attendees their presence measurements problems if any, or their research work in order to receive feedback and recommendation from the team
-Presence Demos to show students how to measure and apply Presence (Demos will be provided by the 4 Presence IPs and by non IP related experts)
-Poster Sessions, where each attendee will present their research to the summer school participants

Morning lectures with a half-hour coffee break will be followed by a provided lunch. After the lunch break, we will reconvene for coffee, early evening talks, demo and poster presentations before a late dinner.


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